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Officially, every blogger has it and even if you don't see it, its still there, collecting the data behind the scenes and giving the real picture to the bloggers who have the knowledge of SEO. All bloggers whether professional or not should know about Search Engine Optimization and the best way to start is to add a good hit counter(or webstats tracker) on your blog.

Google Analytics : 

[Google Analytics Screenshots]

Once you install a Hit Counter on your blog, you can get lot of useful information about your blog. like Popular Pages, Referring Pages, Keywords, Geographical location of visitors, Browser Statistics etc.

Although there are several free "Hit Counters" from which you can choose from, there are three services which are the most popular with bloggers. StatCounter, Google Analytics and Sitemeter.

[Statcounter Screenshots]

[Sitemeter Screenshots]

Here are other hit counters(free services) with our recommended
Google Analytics

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